Feminism works to create equality, not domination. And the bizarre ideas that people form about Feminism can be attributed to the patriarchy which controls our culture. I believe that in a patriarchal society, where men dominate the culture, men project negativity to Feminism because they are scared of losing their power. This is partly what creates the mystification of Feminist thought. The only thing that can improve this reaction to Feminism is education and outreach. I often try to impose my ideas about feminism onto my girl friends, but some refuse to realize what it actually strives to do (improve equality among the sexes) and they say that they “hate Feminists,” or that,”Feminists are annoying”. It kills me that other women could disagree with such an important concept of equality, but it is our misogynist culture which projects this image, and because of this, I don’t believe these women are to blame for their ignorance.


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