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This episode of is a about a man in custody at a mental hospital who claims he witnessed a rape in a break room. Despite the witness’ shaky credibility the SVU begins an investigation, but the victim denies being assaulted because of her fear that the ‘sane,’ (the rapist) will ultimately have his word over her’s, the ‘insane.’ The detectives struggle to understand what happened to this young woman, especially since her aunt and mother say she has been repeatedly institutionalized, and has reported what they thought to be false rape claims in the past. The detectives eventually learn that the mother and aunt were lying to protect the ‘sane’ rapist. This episode highlights the many misconceptions about institutionalized individuals, and their ability to have intimate relationships. However, the coercion of the patient in the episode also portrays the perception of many hospital administrators who presume that all intimate relationships between inmates, or between inmates and outsiders who come into the institution, are coerced. Institutions generally discourage sexual expression of all types, with no regards to the specific patients and their diagnosis or needs.


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